Welcome to A1 PC DOCTOR

Welcome to A1 Pc Doctor. We strive to offer the best one to one support for your business or home. We offer fast call outs and fast remote assistance. We use our own fully encrypted communication software to connect fast and securely whatever time of day you request support. We are dedicated and professional in assisting you with whatever issue or query you may have. We differ from large store based support companies by following up with after support until the problem is solved and you are happy. Our custom, installed computer builds or business/home servers are built and configured to perfection. Check out some of our unique services below and do not hesitate to contact us on our contact page for an immediate response whatever time of the day.

24 Hour Support for Home & Business

Do you have an emergency? Is everyone closed for the night? A1 Pc Doctor never sleeps and with a simple email click we can offer one to one personal computer assistance remotely at your convenience with no call outs.

Business & Home Servers

Are your files and media spread across devices and generally in a big mess? Are those photos you’re looking for located on someone’s phone or in individual libraries?

Are your office files scattered across different computers?

Do you email yourself files?

Remote access your files from any pc in the world or from your phone now, what are you waiting for?

Our small compact server solutions will centralize all your families media or all of your office files in one compact unit which backs itself up locally constantly. We also offer incredibly competitive maintenance packages which include UNLIMITED REMOTE STORAGE with automated backups to a secure encrypted offline server for extra peace of mind and fast emergency recoveries.


With our fully built and customized School/Home computers you can rest assured your family will have all the latest computer technology at their fingertips with software to suit their needs.


A1 Pc Doctor offers custom backup solutions whether its home backup for personal or family media to business backup solutions local and remote.

We also offer a very competitive backup solution for any computer allowing speedy disaster recovery in an emergency to continue work or play fast!

Protect your family photos. Protect your small business files NOW! Imagine your files were suddenly encrypted by Ransomware? The risks are real!

Call now for peace of mind and fast data recovery and backup solutions.


Ever dreamed of that gaming Pc? A mean machine which can rip through any game in high detail, resolution and fps? We can build fully customized computers fully installed in your home with full on-site warranty. Leave the expertise to us to spec one out for you to suit your budget.

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