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Fast, competitively priced Laptop/Desktop repairs, servicing, virus removal and security for any make or model including Windows, Apple Mac and Tablets.

We can visit you or conveniently offer remote assistance to suit you.

One to one support for your business or home computer needs.

Check out some of our services below and do not hesitate to contact us HERE for an immediate response any time of the day.



Support for your Home & Business

One to one computer assistance with fast call outs to your premises!

Remote support at any time of the day with a few simple clicks!

Drop in your computer to us for fast same-day repairs or service!

Business & Home Servers

Are your files and media scattered across computers and devices? We can consolidate all your business/work files and family photos to one convenient shared location with customised access permissions locally or remotely from any device with our customised mini servers.

Our small compact solutions the size of a shoe-box! will centralise all your family media and all of your office files.

We also offer incredibly competitive maintenance packages which include UNLIMITED CLOUD STORAGE with automated backups to a secure and encrypted offline server or locally to your own storage for extra peace of mind and fast emergency recoveries.


With our fully built and customized School/Home computers you can rest assured your family will have all the latest computer technology at their fingertips with software to suit their needs.


A1 Pc Doctor offers custom backup solutions locally or cloud based for businesses or home users.

Protect your business files!

Protect your family photos and files!

Imagine your files were suddenly encrypted by RANSOMWARE? The risks are real!


We specialise in repairing, troubleshooting or upgrading gaming PCs.

Ever dreamed of owning a gaming rig? A PC which can rip through any game in high detail, resolution and fps?

We can build fully customised gaming or specialist software PCs fully installed in your home with a full 1-year on-site warranty. Just tell us your budget and we’ll do the rest.